At Biorus, we proud ourselves that we have provided MORE than 6 Million molecular SARS-Cov-2 tests in the UAE.

Throughout the pandemic, we continuously supplied on average 300,000 tests per week to support mass testing efforts in the local market.


We have an experienced and competent specialists and engineering team who have worked tirelessly to secure the most innovative technology and high accuracy products to serve our clients in the private and public sectors.

We provide our clients with 24/7 support and dedicated pro-active teams that deliver scientific laboratory support and help our clients address the needs of their most tailored requests and services.

We are a flexible solution provider, our sales teams can craft innovative solutions tailored to our client's specific demands.

We adopted a competitive and dynamic pricing strategy that is unique for the region to empower organizations to grow and realize their potential.


  • Compliant with CE, FDA, DHA
    Fully automated
    Optimized workflow
    Short turn-around time (TAT)
    Competitive pricing
    Unique value proposition disrupting the UAE market

Comprehensive solutions for molecular SARS-COV-2 test :

  • Sample collection

  • RNA Extraction

  • RT-PCR


  • Worldwide Leading automated solutions to instantly test the immune response and confirm vaccine efficacy, validate immunity passport. We employ a variety of tests such as:

    1- Neutralizing antibody-Surrogate Virus (ELISA) technique
    2- Quantitative Anti-S antibody IgG
    3- Semi-quantitative Anti-N antibody IgG

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